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When someone changes their username and icon at the same time and you’re left wondering who is this new person you’re following.


Jürgen Heckel - Slide, 2013

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PRO: Get to puncture child with needle
CON: You have to go to a place


PRO: Get to puncture child with needle

CON: You have to go to a place

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My friend, Motu.

My friend, Motu.

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Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza’s Torres Blancas Miroslava Brooks

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LA friends: Looks like I have about a month to find a new place to live. Any leads in the Valley would be appreciated. Cat friendly.



Einstürzende Neubauten’s instruments in Halber Mensch (1986) directed by Sogo Ishii

Industrial instrumentation 

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Nova Express by Paul Komoda, 2014

Holy fucking shit, Paul.

So… full disclosure, Paul’s my buddy and my guinea pig baby daddy. (He adopted Ingy when B & I moved to NZ and he was the most doting caregiver imaginable.) He also did a ton of incredible illustration work for Coilhouse Magazine on the ultra-cheap, just because he believed in the project. I’ve been regularly looking his pieces and yelling “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, PAUL” since about 2007 or so, when Nadya first introduced us. His sketchbook alone… it’s… he’s… just… holyfuckingshit.

But this recent sculpey piece, commissioned by Artist Proof Studios, represents a whole new level of HOLYFUCKINGSHITPAUL HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK FUCKING FUCKSAUCE SHIT GODDAMN WHAT THE FUCK in his career. “Nova Express” is currently blowing everyone’s minds at Monsterpalooza in LA. Facsimiles of it will eventually be available as a kit.

I do not know of any other visual artist whose work bridges the Lovecraftian/Burroughsian/Ballardian/Cronenbergian intersection quite so beautifully. I just really, really need to share this piece and encourage everyone who sees it to say HOLY FUCKING SHIT, PAUL. Because the dude works so hard, and he deserves to hear it more often.

Paul’s on Twitter, Facebook, Etsy. Go yell some love at him. Better yet, buy something. 

This. Look what my friend made.

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