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Custom etched copper panels for the 3 backers of The Dividing Vinyl kickstarter campaign. Love the way these came out! 

Etch by Epinasty Metalworking, design by Christopher Jon, original illustration by Paul Komoda.

AUGH pretty

So I worked on a thing.



I, Parasite | Österlanden — guitar rehearsal 08.07.14

Practicing guitar parts with Scott Landes. Please pardon the vertical mobile video and sound quality!



I, Parasite | Österlanden — drum rehearsal 07.23.14

Practicing drum parts with Steve Kefalas. Please pardon the vertical mobile video and sound quality!



The bad part about living in Manhattan is you can’t see Manhattan’s skyline when you’re right underneath. The colors after tonight’s big electrical storm were some of the most intense I had ever seen, but I didn’t get many good snaps of it. Luckily, my boss, Rafat, lives in LIC, and so I’m appropriating his photos here.



The Dividing 10th Anniversary Edition!





Android Lust - The Dividing 10th Anniversary vinyl release is out, and features a new exclusive remix by I, Parasite.

Vinyl version:

Digital version:

On the synth-geek side, it features Modcan A modular, Moog Minitaur, Flower Little Boy Blue, and Roland Juno-6



Blue Iceland by Andy Lee

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